Sports Prints & Downloads

I've had a great time photographing the children playing lacrosse with EALA (East Aurora Lacrosse Association) and the Boys & Girls Club Modified team for the last couple of years.  It's wonderful to see the children progress in skill, develop friendships and grow as responsible team members. 

I try to capture the action as well as the emotion and connections that are so integral to sports and so important to children. 

These photos are available for purchase.  I offer several common sizes starting at 5 X 7 through the website.  You can also purchase digital downloads if you are only interested in smaller prints or for viewing on a computer.

Each sports gallery has a "Buy Photos" button which allows you to order the photo currently displayed, select photos from the current gallery or purchase a digital download.   I will review each order before it is forwarded to the printer to ensure that there are no problems.

All profits from the sale of lacrosse photos and downloads will be donated to EALA.  Click here to go to the East Aurora Lacrosse Galleries.

Print Prices

5 X 7 - $6
8 X 10 - $10
8 X 12 - $10
11 X 14 - $15
12 X 18 - $20

Digital Download Prices

Gallery - $5
Individual Photo - $1